Crochet Your Own Amineko With This Free Pattern!


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Free Amineko crochet pattern

I've made at least 10 Aminekos since I started to crochet! They're quite simple to make so they're a great pattern for beginner crocheters to try out! The Aminekos above are mini size, the pattern I'm sharing is for a standard sized Amineko, like Spencer here!

He can be such a mood. Let's get to the pattern! 

TIP: If you don't like starting your rounds with a magic ring, you can do this instead. I do this all the time! Chain 2 and then single crochet 6 in the 2nd chain from the hook (or however many stitches you need for round 1). Ready? Let's start!

Free Amineko crochet pattern

Which expression is your favourite? You don't have to follow the expressions shown here, the eyes don't have to be straight all the time, you can sew them at an angle like I did below. I feel it makes it look less sleepy and less angry. 

Meet the coolest Amineko ever! 

Ready to crochet your own Amineko but unsure about what yarn you should use? 

Download this FREE easy to understand guide that explains all types of yarn and how to choose the right yarn for your next project!

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